Hypnotherapy is a way of opening a door to the subconscious mind that is not normally accessible through traditional talk therapy.

Hypnotherapy is widely regarded as an effective, evidence-based practice in treating a variety of physical, mental, and/or psychological conditions and issues. Do you want to drop an old, ingrained habit? Are you hoping to resolve and change a life-long pattern? Are you haunted by a particular memory or phobia that is disrupting your life? Do you want to change your relationship to food, or quit smoking cigarettes? All of these changes are possible with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is more complex than traditional hypnosis, in that in incorporates a variety of therapeutic techniques in a safe and structured format. One of the primary goals is to identify and resolve inner conflicts. Another is to facilitate the ‘completion of unresolved psychosocial developmental stages,’ a major piece of Erik Erikson’s work. In a hypnotherapy session, you are able to repair traumatic experiences by going to the source of the experience, or the root of the issue.

For more information on hypnotherapy, and the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® model in particular, please visit The Wellness Institute.

What does a Hypnotherapy session look like?

Your first hypnotherapy appointment will be about two hours long. We will discuss your history, and any particular concerns or issues that you want to address in your session. You are encouraged to get comfortable, as you’ll spend the majority of your session in a hypnotic trance. During this time, you will be conscious; you will be able to hear my voice and know where you are, but your subconscious mind will be ‘driving.’ All sessions will generally include some work around ego states, emotional patterns, age regression and memory processing, and resolution. You are always free to stop the session and come out of trance at any time. Most people, however, find that they feel safe, relaxed, and able to access emotions and memories that they otherwise might avoid.

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