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The Healing Power of Reiki

As a practicing psychotherapist and Reiki Master, I am often asked, “What is Reiki? Why should I try it?” Reiki (pronounced RAY-kee) has been gaining popularity and recognition as a versatile energy healing method over the past few decades. From the Japanese words Rei (meaning higher intelligence, Source, or spirit) and Ki (meaning life-force energy), Reiki is spiritually-guided life force energy. Because so much of what we struggle with and experience in our lives is energetic, or below our conscious understanding, I love to practice Reiki and offer it to my clients.

Reiki energy is highly beneficial to everyone, for both emotional and physical healing; because Reiki energy will go where it is needed, it is available to the conscious and unconscious mind, the soul or spirit, the physical body, and the energetic body (also known as the aura, or human energy field). There are very few healing modalities that are so universally helpful!

Are you interested in scheduling a Reiki session? If you’re curious but unsure, consider the following potential benefits of Reiki:

Relaxation. The number one benefit of a Reiki treatment is the deep relaxation that occurs while you are on the table. Reiki energy is often described as a warm, pulsating, tingling, or soothing sensation. It is my belief that our beings (mind/body/spirit) actually crave this energy, as our systems are built to move toward homeostasis, or balance. Too often, we leave no time in our busy schedules to relax, and what passes for relaxation or reward (TV, rich foods, alcohol) is not always what our bodies need. Giving yourself the gift of a Reiki treatment is providing your whole system a dedicated time to receive healing energy, with no need to do anything else.

Reawakening. Reiki energy is a clear channel, a gateway to the spiritual dimension, which can have a profound healing impact all its own. Many clients reports feeling as though they are ‘floating,’ leaving their bodies, or as one client put it, ‘entering the cosmic waiting room.’ Some have reported feeling very close to God (however they define that presence/experience), or seeing spiritual guides or gurus. Others describe waves of color or light, similar to a lava lamp. Regardless, having a mystical experience during a Reiki treatment is almost universal. Reawakening to the knowledge that they are spiritual beings is often the biggest thing that clients take away from a session.

Release. Within the holistic framework of energy psychology, it is understood that when we experience distress, dysfunction, or disease, there is always an energetic component to the issue. By intentionally allowing Reiki energy to move throughout the physical and auric bodies, places of stuck or blocked energy can begin to release. You may experience this as a physical sensation (a whoosh, as I like to call it), a noticeable decrease in tension, a twitch or tic of the muscles, or just a deepening of relaxation. Energetic release is a core part of healing from trauma, emotional distress, and other chronic conditions.

Relief. An additional benefit of releasing is the relief that comes as a result. Relief is subjective, of course, but is often experienced as decreased stress, tension or pain, increased energy or movement, or a sense of calm and serenity. While Reiki does not treat or cure any ailments or disease, it is often foundational in preparing the body to heal through medical intervention. Distracted by our daily lives, we usually don’t realize how much pain and tension we’re carrying in our bodies until we experience this welcome sense of relief.

Are you ready to see what Reiki has to offer you? Make an appointment today!