About Me

Experience and Education

I love my work, and I bring to it years of experience with many different clients. I have worked with people representing a wide range of issues, ages, backgrounds, and cultures; as such, I think of my clients as my greatest teachers. Whether the issue is identity, loss, trauma, life transition, or chronic mental illness, I am honored to help my clients create meaning and find purpose in their lives.

For more than fifteen years, I have been a student and patient of energy healing and alternative medicine, and as I have evolved as a psychotherapist, I realized that incorporating Reiki and Hypnotherapy into my practice was a valuable and necessary step. I am a Reiki Master and Advanced Reiki Practitioner, having completed Reiki Levels I and II in 2013, and my Master trainings in 2014. I am able to provide both in-person and distance Reiki treatments…for both humans and animals!

Additionally, I completed an intensive, six-day Clinical Hypnotherapy training through the Wellness Institute in 2013, and I completed my two-year Advanced Internship at the Wellness Institute in 2015. I am certified as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist (ACHt). I am now in my third year of advanced studies in Hypnotherapy, which includes the facilitation of Psychodrama,  Breathwork sessions, and other healing modalities.

Counseling and Wellness Philosophy

In my work with clients, I believe it’s important to approach each person holistically; every aspect of your “self” (mental, emotional, physical, social, environmental, occupational, etc.) is considered integral to your well-being. Part of the process of therapy is making sure each of these areas gets attention, because in a holistic sense, any neglected aspects can cause damage to the whole.

Therapy provides a framework in which to explore the deepest, and often scariest, questions inside of us: How can I feel better about myself? Am I doing the right thing? What is my purpose? Will I ever get over this? Why do I keep repeating the same patterns? Am I living my best life? Ultimately, it is our task to empower ourselves to make the best choices we can with the freedom and resources we have available to us.

As someone who is experienced in working with marginalized communities, I work hard to explore the cultural contexts in which my clients exist. Taking a systemic and anti-oppressive stance is often key to understanding where so many of our internalized negative beliefs come from.

Among its many purposes, psychotherapy is a journey of recovery and discovery. At my core, I believe in the human capacity for growth, change and transcendence. Regardless of circumstance, everyone deserves a meaningful life.


“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love, and to be greater than our suffering.”

-Ben Okri